Friday, June 11, 2010

uh update?

Okay if I ever get logged out of this thing I'm so screwed because I have no idea what my password is and I'm kinda hazy on what to use for my username! SO crap! Mom went to the mall with Kim. I'm bored. I didn't wanna go to the mall because all you see are highschoolers like 15 and 16 years old hanging all over each other, and then I get lost and can't find mom! I just go stand by the door until she's done. Does the smell of new clothes give anybody a headache? Like I breathe it in and it hurts my nose and nauseates me a little. Its weird but anybody? good. Don't be a homely loser like me. I personally like Wal-Mart and the library! And the shoe department is the best place in the world. I just don't like the mall at all. I'll go out just not to the mall anywhere but there! Call me crazy. I've got nothing else to talk about... the Golden Horseshoe test is next year and Mr. Malnick (Soc. St. teacher) gave Jill and me a West Virginia history book a a study packet to use during the summer. Seriously I want to do this but nobody in the 7th grade is gonna match up to the previous 8th graders next year. ALl the teachers said towards the end of the year was you have to be responsible everyone's looking up to you and all this crap and I'm like oh what a fun year its gonna be next year. Bet no one is gonna cry at our graduation of Rivesville Middle School! We've always been a bad class it kinda sucks. Oh yeah right and the school isn't paying for our field trip next year they don't have enough money so we have to raise it selling subs . Ooohhhh fun! I wouldn't trade my hometown for anything but DANG! It sucks right now! Uhmm I'm done talking I've runout of things to talk about. Bye! <3

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay so I lied. I didn't update as much as I said I would but its summer now so I have more time to update. I need more followers! So I found that book City of Bones and I read the other two books along with it. All I have to say is Cassandra Clare is an amazing writer and idk how she keeps making all those twists and turns make sense and be understandable. I don't understand how she could have done it without planning ahead to know what she was doing. There are little subtle hints through each book and then you get to the end and you're like ooohhhh I get it now! Anyways really good! So June 8th was the last day of school so this is only my second day of summer vacation! My friends sister Jordan had her birthday party yesterday that I didn't attend. I felt crappy and I just seriously didn't wanna go and here them talk about people I don't know and call people I don't know and be totally left out of every single conversation cause I'm not a good enough friend to listen to what they have to say. And if I disagree with something I get a shut up you don't understand look and then I tuck my tail between my legs and don't say anything else. Sometimes when I go to there house I just wanna walk back up the hill to my house and call Lydia. I miss you Lydia more than you can imagine. You're the only person that really understands me along with Jill! That's really corny but its true! Well I'm running out of things to say. California girls we're unforgetable daisy dukes bikinis on top sun kissed skin so hot it melts your popsicle. Oh, oh, oh, oh oh! California girls we're undeniable fine fresh feirce we got it on lock. I like that song but I think I like the other one better: Ain't you glad we aint all california girls aint you glad theres still a few of us left that know how to rock your world. Ain't afraid to eat fried chicken and dirty dance to...what..something...anyway. That probably scared you all. I'm done now. <3 Bye!