Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ugh so bored!

I'm sooo bored!!! I'm seriously ready to go back to school I haven't been there literally all freakin' weak and I can feel my brain turning to mush! I wanna watch a good movie ... but I don't really wanna watch Twilight and I only have Fried Green Tomatoes of video cassette and I don't have one of those in my room... I just wanna complain! I miss EtchaSketchThoughts and I think Hazel May um found me stalkerish so I can't look at her blog anymore...this makes me sad but I can understand why. I just commented to much and now it says that I need an invitation to read her blog and says I should get in touch with her so that she can send me one. But I have no way of doing that now because she deleted her youtube account and I don't know anything else about her. How did this conversation get directed toward Hazel May I don't even know...but I know or I think at least that I should stop talking before I have another yes another mental break down. So ttyl and I luv you to all three of my freakin followers!

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