Friday, January 1, 2010

Okay I have not freaking updated in forever! I am truly so sorry! Um soo...Christmas is already past now but Merry Christmas Happy Hannukah and stuff...and Happy New Year! I am waiting for a flipping Eclipse teaser trailer or something! It comes out on June 30th case you didn't know and that is what 6 months away? I need a trailer to get me by! I'm getting my hair cut soon and I found a picture to take to the stylist so she can see what I want..its of Jennifer Aniston nonetheless! She has perfect hair! He he! Okay so maybe you guys could comment or something? It'll give me a lil self confidence! The only reason that I blog is so that I can wright down my life story...which is full of nothing...anywho! Please comment! And now since I turned 13 in November on I have my own youtube acount! I don't have much on it but I comment on a lot of things and I think I'm pretty easy to talk to whenI'm not being mean...;)! So yeah it is 12:45 where I am but I'm not tired! I'm still hungover from caffine at our little sleep over eh hem Lydia!!!!!!!!! Gosh woman! You should really make a blog cause its fun and we could talk to each other through it! Make one please or I'll make one for you and you'll be sorry! Mwhahahaha! I've been doing that a lot latley...mwhahaha its fun! He he he he he he he heh ! I am going to go crazy...oh wait I've already been there and back!!!!! And I just cracked my wrist! HOLY CRAP OW!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I don't post pictures and this blog isn't very interesting but I'm to Internet retarded to do anything like that! I'm Melanie's words I am totally slap happy! hehehe But I'm not tired...whoa okay I gotta go while I still have part of my brain left! TTYL! Bye! <3


  1. Okay My URL Is This For Youtube Since I Forgot To Put That In There... okie dokie all done! Bye!

  2. NO I WAS WRONG! GOSH! It is now I'm all done! Good Night!