Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey guys its been a while! Nothing much has happened. I've had a bunch of snow days and two hour delays because its been crappy but now all the snow is gone. I've had my first regular week back at school this past week but nothing much happened. We had this thing called Math Field Day and I was selected to go and I had to get up at 7:00 on MY Saturday and make a drive thats about 40 minutes away and be at a high school at 8:30 once again on Saturday! Nothing much has happened that is to important to me anyway in the Twilight universe. They have a Runaways Teaser Trailer out for all the Kristen Stewart fans. Which I am one in case you didn't know! I don't like the stupid bashers out there that hate on her like I've said many times before! Um... Well some exciting news is New Moon is coming to DVD on March 20 2010 and I am so excited!!! I don't know which picture I want on the front of mine! Either Jacob or Bella or all three. I couldn't get just offense to any Team Edward fans...but I am a team Edward person but its complicated! Jacob's hotter is what I'm trying to say here! Partially because he's shirtless throughout half of the movie, but I just like Taylor more than Rob. Okay I need to stop now I have no idea what I'm saying! I luv you all! Bye!

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