Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey guys!

Again sorry I haven't updated in a while! I keep getting distracted. I have lots of homework and I have a Freakin' Social Studies Fair that is manditory coming up! It SUCKS! I've been really busy because this S.S fair could make or break me and my partner. Sometimes life is terrible. Ok so for New Moon stuff, there was a new scene released on iTunes and on ET. Its when Paul loses his temper around Bella and turns into a wolf. It was REALLY GOOD! Even though there was only 54 seconds of it! Still it was amazing. So I gotta go do homework. Sorry for the short post. TTYL! Bye! <3


  1. Hey look I'm commenting on my own blog! Yeah thats right I'm to lame for someone to comment on my posts!

  2. Maddie ur a dork!!!!!And u really need to update more!!!

  3. He he Lydia you commented! mwhahah! I'll update more I swear!