Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hey everybody! I had a good day today! I didn't do anything much! I had my radio on all afternoon and I listened to that and was on the computer all day, basically. I did the dishes and put my clothes away like I was told. Its been a pretty mellow day today. I went to go see Bandslam on Saturday, which was really good surprisingly! Summit didn't advertise very well! The only reason I went to go see it was because I wanted to see the New Moon trailer which is sad I know, but the movie was really good as well! And if you haven't seen the New New Moon trailer I suggest you do that because it was really good! And go see Bandslam if you want! It was a really good movie like I said! And I don't know what you people have against Vanessa Hudgens! I think she is fine at what she does! Well... if she would have gotten the role of Leah or Emily in New Moon I just might have to rip her head off but other than that, she's good for the most part! But anyway my day was good I hope yours was too! School starts in 10 days! I got the date wrong the last time! I'm so NOT ready to go back to school! It absoulutley SUCKS! But I want to have a good caree so I guess I can't drop out! He he, like my parents would allow that! My dad dropped out of high school and apparentlly that was the worst thing he could have done! Even though I'm not in high school yet I'm in Junior High! Wow people make me feel small! But way so I don't want to go back to school again! Summer just flew bye REALLY fast! Oh well its ok I get to go see my friends again so thats good! I hope two people had a great summer if you even go to school or if you don't I still hope you had a good summer! TTYL! Bye!<3

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