Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey you guys! I am so sorry that I haven't updated in a long time! But I'm back! Ok the New Moon calender is on sale! *eep* I LOVE all of the pictures in the calender! OMG I am sooo excited! And guess what! Taylor Lautner *yeah* and the 2nd Victoria *sigh* are on set for Eclipse ALREADY! I am so flippin excited! But also sad because the are replacing Victoria! Nobody will do as good as Rachelle Lefvere did in Twilight and probably New Moon! Gosh too bad if she has a tight schedule which schedule is she gonna make more money on! Geez I haven't ever seen any Bryce Dallas Howard movies but she better work her ass off if she wants to win me over! Eclipse is Victoria's big movie and I don't know how good its gonna be now that they changed the actress! I loved Rachelle Lefvere, and I'm sorry if I am spelling her name wrong! But I am so sad but I'm alright. What do you guys think of the ''new Victoria"! I can't say that I don't like her because I've never seen her act but she just looks TOO pretty! And I know that doesn't really make scence (I don't even know how to spell that) because vampires are supposed to be the most beautiful creatures that you have ever seen, but Victoria is nomadic and she has that wild look to her. Bryce Dallas Howard DOES NOT have that quality! And don't twist my words around to sound like me saying that Rachelle isn't pretty because she is she just has the ability to go wild! And I love her hair! OK we will see how it turns out! What do you guys think about HER! Leave a comment! Bye!

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