Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am following your blog! Awesomeness! I like your magazine cover! It cool! I went to the mobile library today. I got a book but I can't read it yet because I am already reading one! But I will read that book! I love to read! Taylor Lautner is SOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOT! Words cannot describe how hot he is! He has a freakin 8 pack! I have so many pictures of him shirtless! It is amazing how muscular he got in such a short period of time! I just stare at his picture sometimes....no I'm not a stalker. *cough cough* He's just so hot I can't help it! Rob's OK Kellan Lutz is Good Jackson Rathbone not so much! Then you have Taylor Lautner in all of his 8 pack glory and you just can't stop staring! He has beautiful skin woo!
K I'm just gonna stop talking before I go too far! Yeah that might be a good idea! So that's all I have to say! Gonna go read my book! TTYL! Bye!<3

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  1. I need to make sure! Is yours "madison schell"? PLZ respond through a new post.