Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ohhhhhhhhh thank you to my one follower! Woo-hoo! How did you stumble upon this thing? Thank you sooo much following me! Your awesome!
OK now I got that out of my system! Hi! And now I will talk about my books! OK this book series by Libba Bray is really really good! I highly recomend it if you like novels with twists and turns and many differrent events. (Like Twilight) *cough cough* The three books are called A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels,
Now back to Twilight related things, I am sooooooo excited for New Moon! I can hardly wait until November. Then did you see the Bikini Dance Rob somebody had to do! (no not Rob Pattinson) It was because he lost a bet with Peter Facinelli and had to sing Single Ladies while dancing in a Bikini! I was sooo funny! You can watch it on or !
So that is about it right now! I'm gonna go eat breakfast and read my book! TTYL! Bye!<3

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  1. Since I'm your only follower,can u follow my blog ? Please! I will tell my followers to try to follow u! PLEASE!