Friday, July 10, 2009

My past two days...

Yeah my name is ''madison schell''! So I am following your blog now!
So Wednsday I went so my nanny's house! We went shopping and she bought me whatever I wanted which was nice for a change because usually if I want something I have to buy it with my own money! But we went to Wet Seal and there stuff is soooooooooooooooooo cute! I got a floor length dress made out of t-shirt material! It is really pretty! I got a little half blue-jean tank top type thing.... but it is really cute! I got a silky shirt with a bunch of different colors on it, which is really pretty, and gray jeans to match is! They are straight leg jeans that I can wear my Alice shoes with! (ballerina shoes!) Then we went to JCPenney's and I got a really cute dress that I can wear to my spring formal! It was only $16 dollars and it comes down to my knees! It is preppy pink, but its really pretty! Usually I don't wear that color! Then we went to Colosessinoes! And if you don't live in West Virginia you won't have any idea what that is! They sell pizza and pepperoni rolls! If you don't live in West Virginia you probably don't know what a pepperoni roll is! But they are really good!
Then yesterday I did absolutley nothing until my mom came home. Then I went to go and get my hair cut. My hair was really thick and really long! Then I went to get it cut and got 4 inches cut off! Now it is just really thick!
Today my sister came and picked me up! She had to go to Best Buy, then we went to old navy, and then to TJ Max. I got a purple tank-top and a pair of blue jean short shorts, but I'm not fat so they look good on me! I had McDonalds for lunch and that was good!
Now I am at home and thats it! So yeah I am following your blog and I love it! You should check out the blogs and They are really good blogs! They are definetley better than mine! So thats it for now! TTYL! Bye!<3

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