Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I don't know what to write eabout today. Ummm...I have to help with bible school all this week, which is fun. I got a choker necklace the other day and it has my name on it. I love it, but it is really hard to describe! Its really pretty. You know whats funny, I have Alice's choker from Twilight and now I have Madison's choker from Tenesee! (The person who got it for me went on vacation to Tenesee) Yeah I know that was really lame to do! But it is true! This summer is going by WAY too fast! They already have school supplies set up in Wal-Mart! Yes Hazel if your reading this I shop at Wal-Mart too! But yeah they have good school supplies really cheap. I might even get a Twilight bag to carry at school! Yay! I'm sorta waiting for New Moon bags to come out since I already have a Twilight bag that says Team Edward on the front. It is really cute I got it for Easter this year. So thats what I want out of the new school year. A New Moon bag to carry around! I am excited and dissapointed that school is coming so fast. I want to see all my friends again, but not the teachers! I hate homework! I get it every single day at school most of the time from Mr.Malnick. But Mr.Malnick is a cool teacher he just wants us to be prepared for anything to come. Mrs.Rowan is really strict but she is one of my favorites, shes a good teacher. Then Ms.Pushkin is my favorite teacher! I never have Homework in her class, but we still learn a lot! Ms.Pushkin is the best! OK enough of my rambling that has probably bored you to tears. TTYL! Bye!<3

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