Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday I went down to the book mobile! It sounds really weird, but it is just a l ibrary on wheels! And they have a lot of good books. I found the second book in the series I am reading. It is really good so far! That was fun! Then I finished my first book yesterday, and it was amazing, then I started reading the second book! Woo-hoo! Yeah so yesterday was good! Lets see how today goes!
Ok on another note did you see the Bikini Dance that Robert whatever is last name is had to do for losing a twitter bet with Peter Facinelli! Thats probably not spelled right! But that was hilarious!
I still L-O-V-E Twilight! I am totally going to get the New Moon cover art poster if it ever comes out! It will in time, But I want it NOW! I guess I can't get everything I want! :(. JK! So in case you haven't seen that poster yet (I guess there is about 3 of you left!) I will post it here! Ok I don't know if it's on here but this is confusing! Just tell me what you think of the poster! TTYL! Bye!<3

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