Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gosh I hate gossip!

There is a rumor that started a couple days ago that Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Rob's baby! GOD could the people just give them a break! The rumor started in an Australian Weekly magazine! It said that Kristen had a friend go get her a pregnancy test then her friend blurted out the whole story! Then Kristen Stewart twittered are you f**cking kidding me! But Kristen Stewart doesn't even have a twitter account! God I could strangle the magazine publishers and the paparazi right now. They don't give them any space! Wow I couldn't be famous! Then this comment on youtube made me even angrier!
Hahahaha! As if Robert pattinson would sleep with her! If its true she's probably raped him, whilst he was trying to run away from her ugly ass face. I hope she is pregnant cuz then i can call her fat and ugly! BTW i love twilight, i just hate kristen! Cyaxxx
OK Kristen Stewart is beautiful and I love her hair! What reason to you have to hate her? You don't even know her! Well I don't know Miley Cyrus either but thats beside the point! Gosh just leave her alone! I know the people are just bored and needed something to do! God I hate people besides my friends! That was a really weird sentence! But really check it out on youtube or and see what you find! Kristen is NOT I repeat NOT pregnant! SO check that out while I make up angery faces! And I love Kristen Stewart! So HA HA HA!
So the person wrote that comment was probably jealous of Kristen for being in the movie with Rob! God just leave them alone! Ok I am done venting now! TTYL! Bye!<3

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