Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wats Up

Hello to my followers! I'm sorry that my blog wasn't very long yesterday, but I was on the phone and after I got off the phone I finished reading my book. I cried for a long time after I finished The Sweet Far Thing! It was REALLY sad. I'm not gonna say what happened to anything I am just saying it was really sad and it made me really emotional! I have to start reading my other book now which will probably take me a day! So Peter Facinelli went to the UK and Ireland which you can look at on www.twilightlexicon.com It seemed like he had a good enough time! There is also a video on there that showed the line that wrapped around the corner of the store! It was crazy! But not as crazy as it would have been for Rob or Taylor or Kristen, but mostly Rob! And I feel bad for Rob! He isn't used to all of this crazieness and he didn't ask for it! I wouldn't be surprised if he just quit! But Rob if there is a 1 in a million chance that you would EVER read this, please don't quit! I won't see the movie if you or anybody else isn't in there! It won't be the same! Now Sam and the other person that were in Twilight is a different story because they only said 2 lines!Well what do think of this post! Pretty boring I know! Just leave a comment or not if you want to! Whatever! TTYL! Bye! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009


So my past couple days have been very boring! My best friend Lydia is coming over on Friday to stay the night, well hopefully!My parents said OK but she hasn't gotten a final answer from her Momma! I am talking to her right now say hi Lydia! Lydia says hi! Lydia likes people I like people too! This is a weird blog gotta go bye!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I don't know what to write eabout today. Ummm...I have to help with bible school all this week, which is fun. I got a choker necklace the other day and it has my name on it. I love it, but it is really hard to describe! Its really pretty. You know whats funny, I have Alice's choker from Twilight and now I have Madison's choker from Tenesee! (The person who got it for me went on vacation to Tenesee) Yeah I know that was really lame to do! But it is true! This summer is going by WAY too fast! They already have school supplies set up in Wal-Mart! Yes Hazel if your reading this I shop at Wal-Mart too! But yeah they have good school supplies really cheap. I might even get a Twilight bag to carry at school! Yay! I'm sorta waiting for New Moon bags to come out since I already have a Twilight bag that says Team Edward on the front. It is really cute I got it for Easter this year. So thats what I want out of the new school year. A New Moon bag to carry around! I am excited and dissapointed that school is coming so fast. I want to see all my friends again, but not the teachers! I hate homework! I get it every single day at school most of the time from Mr.Malnick. But Mr.Malnick is a cool teacher he just wants us to be prepared for anything to come. Mrs.Rowan is really strict but she is one of my favorites, shes a good teacher. Then Ms.Pushkin is my favorite teacher! I never have Homework in her class, but we still learn a lot! Ms.Pushkin is the best! OK enough of my rambling that has probably bored you to tears. TTYL! Bye!<3

Friday, July 10, 2009

My past two days...

Yeah my name is ''madison schell''! So I am following your blog now!
So Wednsday I went so my nanny's house! We went shopping and she bought me whatever I wanted which was nice for a change because usually if I want something I have to buy it with my own money! But we went to Wet Seal and there stuff is soooooooooooooooooo cute! I got a floor length dress made out of t-shirt material! It is really pretty! I got a little half blue-jean tank top type thing.... but it is really cute! I got a silky shirt with a bunch of different colors on it, which is really pretty, and gray jeans to match is! They are straight leg jeans that I can wear my Alice shoes with! (ballerina shoes!) Then we went to JCPenney's and I got a really cute dress that I can wear to my spring formal! It was only $16 dollars and it comes down to my knees! It is preppy pink, but its really pretty! Usually I don't wear that color! Then we went to Colosessinoes! And if you don't live in West Virginia you won't have any idea what that is! They sell pizza and pepperoni rolls! If you don't live in West Virginia you probably don't know what a pepperoni roll is! But they are really good!
Then yesterday I did absolutley nothing until my mom came home. Then I went to go and get my hair cut. My hair was really thick and really long! Then I went to get it cut and got 4 inches cut off! Now it is just really thick!
Today my sister came and picked me up! She had to go to Best Buy, then we went to old navy, and then to TJ Max. I got a purple tank-top and a pair of blue jean short shorts, but I'm not fat so they look good on me! I had McDonalds for lunch and that was good!
Now I am at home and thats it! So yeah I am following your blog and I love it! You should check out the blogs www.lucymeetsgodzilla.blogspot.com and www.etchasketchthoughts.blogspot.com They are really good blogs! They are definetley better than mine! So thats it for now! TTYL! Bye!<3

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gosh I hate gossip!

There is a rumor that started a couple days ago that Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Rob's baby! GOD could the people just give them a break! The rumor started in an Australian Weekly magazine! It said that Kristen had a friend go get her a pregnancy test then her friend blurted out the whole story! Then Kristen Stewart twittered are you f**cking kidding me! But Kristen Stewart doesn't even have a twitter account! God I could strangle the magazine publishers and the paparazi right now. They don't give them any space! Wow I couldn't be famous! Then this comment on youtube made me even angrier!
Hahahaha! As if Robert pattinson would sleep with her! If its true she's probably raped him, whilst he was trying to run away from her ugly ass face. I hope she is pregnant cuz then i can call her fat and ugly! BTW i love twilight, i just hate kristen! Cyaxxx
OK Kristen Stewart is beautiful and I love her hair! What reason to you have to hate her? You don't even know her! Well I don't know Miley Cyrus either but thats beside the point! Gosh just leave her alone! I know the people are just bored and needed something to do! God I hate people besides my friends! That was a really weird sentence! But really check it out on youtube or www.twilightlexicon.com and see what you find! Kristen is NOT I repeat NOT pregnant! SO check that out while I make up angery faces! And I love Kristen Stewart! So HA HA HA!
So the person wrote that comment was probably jealous of Kristen for being in the movie with Rob! God just leave them alone! Ok I am done venting now! TTYL! Bye!<3

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am following your blog! Awesomeness! I like your magazine cover! It cool! I went to the mobile library today. I got a book but I can't read it yet because I am already reading one! But I will read that book! I love to read! Taylor Lautner is SOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOT! Words cannot describe how hot he is! He has a freakin 8 pack! I have so many pictures of him shirtless! It is amazing how muscular he got in such a short period of time! I just stare at his picture sometimes....no I'm not a stalker. *cough cough* He's just so hot I can't help it! Rob's OK Kellan Lutz is Good Jackson Rathbone not so much! Then you have Taylor Lautner in all of his 8 pack glory and you just can't stop staring! He has beautiful skin woo!
K I'm just gonna stop talking before I go too far! Yeah that might be a good idea! So that's all I have to say! Gonna go read my book! TTYL! Bye!<3


Yes of course I will follow your blog! Just leave your URL address in a comment and I will definetley follow! I love to learn about people and here what they have to say! I'm gonna go to the book mobile so I will blog later and talk about the books I got! I know I'm really boring! :( Don't hate me! Ok I will blog more soon! TTYL! Bye!<3

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ohhhhhhhhh thank you to my one follower! Woo-hoo! How did you stumble upon this thing? Thank you sooo much following me! Your awesome!
OK now I got that out of my system! Hi! And now I will talk about my books! OK this book series by Libba Bray is really really good! I highly recomend it if you like novels with twists and turns and many differrent events. (Like Twilight) *cough cough* The three books are called A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels,
Now back to Twilight related things, I am sooooooo excited for New Moon! I can hardly wait until November. Then did you see the Bikini Dance Rob somebody had to do! (no not Rob Pattinson) It was because he lost a bet with Peter Facinelli and had to sing Single Ladies while dancing in a Bikini! I was sooo funny! You can watch it on www.twilightlexicon.com or www.hisgoldeneyes.com !
So that is about it right now! I'm gonna go eat breakfast and read my book! TTYL! Bye!<3

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday I went down to the book mobile! It sounds really weird, but it is just a l ibrary on wheels! And they have a lot of good books. I found the second book in the series I am reading. It is really good so far! That was fun! Then I finished my first book yesterday, and it was amazing, then I started reading the second book! Woo-hoo! Yeah so yesterday was good! Lets see how today goes!
Ok on another note did you see the Bikini Dance that Robert whatever is last name is had to do for losing a twitter bet with Peter Facinelli! Thats probably not spelled right! But that was hilarious!
I still L-O-V-E Twilight! I am totally going to get the New Moon cover art poster if it ever comes out! It will in time, But I want it NOW! I guess I can't get everything I want! :(. JK! So in case you haven't seen that poster yet (I guess there is about 3 of you left!) I will post it here! Ok I don't know if it's on here but this is confusing! Just tell me what you think of the poster! TTYL! Bye!<3