Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't hate me!

Hey everybody! And by everybody I aparently mean myself! OK I love love love love love Twilight, and you know that from my recent posts! But I went to and they are really nice in the chatroom! As long as you say you are a sane fan, which I can be when I want to, they are really nice! Of course you can't get rid of all the nasty comments on there, but its not to bad! Actually they talk to me more than some of my Twilight fans do! Now some Twilight fans are really snooty you have to admmit, but people like Hazel May and Melanie are really nice! Well at least thats what I have to say, because in their videos they are really talkative and aren't afraid to be dorks! I'm a dork too don't feel bad, being a dork is fun! No seriously it is! :) Now I'm not saying that I agree with what they right on there or anything because they say the books are sexist and a lot of other crap, but the people are really nice as long as don't talk about how much you love Twilight! If they ask you why you like Twilight, very calmly say what you like about it. Don't be all like OMG edward is sooooooo hot and its an epic love tale. Even though I agree 100% it will start a riot and they will never let you live it down! OK thats about it for now! TTYL! Bye! <3

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