Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Post!

I had a good day today! I read my book called a Great and Terrible Beauty! It sounds really cheesey but it is really good! I read that for an hour and a half. Then I did the dishes and straightend up the house, which wasn't hard until I got to MY room... dun dun DUUUUUUUUN! That took 3 hours to clean. Hey I live in there. I eat and watch TV and read and constantly change outfits. So I do that when school is in. When its out it is a whole lot worse because I am here all day and I just mess it up more! Well I gotta go! I have to visit family who are here from South Carolina! TTYL! Bye!<3

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi there to my invisible friends! I know your out there! So I am really bored right now. I am re-reading Twilight. I've been re-reading my books, just out of order. I read New Moon slower this time to get all the details, so I know what to expect out of the movie. I know the movie is never exactly the same as book, but they say its pretty close. You know what I mean right? Anyway now I am re-reading Twilight just for the fun of it! These are the only books that I can read twice. Other books just annoy me when I read them more than once! Yes I know I blog a lot, but thats because I have no life! I have more of a life when school is in than in the summertime, because I never see any of my friends. When I am in school we always make plans on when we are gonna have sleepovers and birthday parties. Then summer comes and you think your gonna be free as the wind blows and your trapped in the house all day until your parents come home from work. Then you are trapped in the house for the rest of the day, only there is somebody here to talk to! I fail at life. I don't go on vacation, I'm always stuck here. But that isn't my fault or anybodys fault for that matter. My parents have full time jobs and we need all the money we can get to get food and clothing items. We aren't poor, but we just don't have enough money to go on vacation or do anything fun.
Ok enough of my sulking! If anybody reads this you can tell my how your summer is going! I might change my mind on this subject if a friend invites me to do something, but everybody else is on vacation and they just left me here to rot. My friend Jill is on vacation in Myrtle Beach I think and didn't tell me about it. I tried to call her house and her dad answered and said she'll be on vacation until the end of July. I hate her so much right now! Then my other best friend Lydia is in Martinsburg doing a play. She's really good at acting and singing and she is playing the role of an ugly stepsister in Cinderella! She has a jam-packed summer with no breaks at all! And my friend Seneca never calls. She usually invites me down to her house because I can walk there. I live on top of the hill she lives on the bottom. But she hasn't called so I would be rude to go down there with no invitation. Yes so I've probably bored you to tears with this. I'll just stop talking now. TTYL! Bye<3

Don't hate me!

Hey everybody! And by everybody I aparently mean myself! OK I love love love love love Twilight, and you know that from my recent posts! But I went to and they are really nice in the chatroom! As long as you say you are a sane fan, which I can be when I want to, they are really nice! Of course you can't get rid of all the nasty comments on there, but its not to bad! Actually they talk to me more than some of my Twilight fans do! Now some Twilight fans are really snooty you have to admmit, but people like Hazel May and Melanie are really nice! Well at least thats what I have to say, because in their videos they are really talkative and aren't afraid to be dorks! I'm a dork too don't feel bad, being a dork is fun! No seriously it is! :) Now I'm not saying that I agree with what they right on there or anything because they say the books are sexist and a lot of other crap, but the people are really nice as long as don't talk about how much you love Twilight! If they ask you why you like Twilight, very calmly say what you like about it. Don't be all like OMG edward is sooooooo hot and its an epic love tale. Even though I agree 100% it will start a riot and they will never let you live it down! OK thats about it for now! TTYL! Bye! <3

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry for all of my spelling and grammar mistakes! My brain goes down the drain when school is out for the summer! Soo thats it for now.

Maddie Allyssa <3
Hi to the followers to which I have none of. Nobody has ever read this and it is very depressing. :( Why doesn't anybody like me! So yesterday the New Moon tie-in edition cover art was released! *fangirl scream* OMG! I am soooooooooooo excited! With everything that comes out it just makes me that much more anxious for the movie! I probably won't buy New Moon again because whats the point? But if they make into a poster which they probably will I am sooooo buying it and puting it right in front of my face for a whole 24 hours! (I know I exagerate) I'm am going to right exactly what I think of the poster, so if you don't want to read an extremley long blog, just stop and get out while you still can!
This poster is AMAZING! It explains everything in the book! Bella has her arms slightly crossed holding herself together. She has one hand on Jacobs arm ready to push him away because she doesn't want him to get the wrong immpression or go to far, but she still holds one hand to keep him close. She needs his help to keep herself in one piece as you already know. What she still doesn't realize is that she loves him like that too. *Spoiler* You'll find out more about that in Eclipse! And then there is Edward, a shadow of the past...for now anyway. Just like in the book she can always feel his presence but he isn't actually there. The wolf pack in the back is awesome, showing that they never leave Jacob alone to make sure that he doesn't hurt Bella!
So what do you think of the poster?!?!? Personaly I think that this would have been better as the official New Moon poster. I like the other as well, just not as much as this one. This one describes the storyline so much better than the other one. It actually tells the story to you with a lot of much clarity if you really truly look at it.
Hey but maybe I'm wrong! Maybe they were just posing for a picture and it just turned out this way. But I like my version WAY better!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey everybody! I went to the eye doctor today and I have found out my eye sight has jumped from 1.75 which is bad enough, to 2.75. Yeah I won't be surprised if I go blind! Yeah so I don't know if I told you that I have Alice's choker from Twilight! It cost 30.00, but it was worth every penny! It is so pretty! I love, I like more than I like ebay! Amazon sells stuff at a high price but the items are in such good condition that it is easy to forget that! So I get my new glasses in 7 to 10 working days. My eyesight is now that bad to me, but to the doctors it is! I don't even get the full amount of perscription I need! He only raised it like a forth of the way to wear it needed to be. But I understand because if he gives me my whole perscription then my eyesight will just get worse and worse, and I can make out things pretty well. Yeah so I'm probably boring you guys with this even though nobody will ever read this. Whatever. Twilight rocks! So does Hazel May even though she took down er youtube account. Yeah gotta go! Bye!<3

Monday, June 22, 2009

O.K. if anybody is listening I am bored and I don't know what to do. If you could leave a comment with suggestions that would be nice!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok. So I'm trying to figure out how to work this thing! It isn't hard, but I just repell technology! SO I am 12 years old. I live in West Virginia and don't you dare call me a hillbilly! I am on summer vacation and I am bored. I have read the whole series of Twilight once, and have read New Moon twice. When I got into Twilight it was a month after the movie came out! My friends kept talking about it and saying how wonderful it is. So for Christmas I got the book Twilight. Then the day after Christmas I went and saw the movie even though I hadn't finished the book. Then after I saw the movie that was it. I was ADDICTED! I read Twilight 2 days after I saw the movie and I just continuously got the books until I read all of the books! I read all of my books within a month. We had a lot of snow days, so I would automatically grab the books and just read the entire day! I have a pretty boring life and so I am probably boring you with this stupid blog. I will still blog but nobody will ever read this. So thats all I have to say right now! TTYL! Bye!<3
Hey everybody! I am a Twilight freak. I know it says team switzerland, but if I had to choose I would so choose Edward! Yeah this is all I am going to wright right now. TTYL! Bye!<3